Classic massage

classicIn the modern rhythm of life, there is a lot of fuss, more time we devote to work, but we forget about rest, we are always in motion, and this creates tension – all this leads us to the irritation and fatigue that has accumulated. A classic massage will help you relax, give full relaxation to the muscles, each part of your body will be carefully worked out by the skillful hands of a masseuse. You will feel a surge of strength, look at the world with different eyes and you will open a second wind.

Body massage

kristinaIf you have made a choice on such type of massage as body massage, know that you will have unforgettable pleasure, as all efforts will be directed both at physical and moral satisfaction. It is difficult to express all the charm of a body massage in words, since all the “magic” occurs during a session with a charming girl. You will be provided with a soft bed, a pleasant atmosphere, subdued light accompanied by romantic music. At the beginning of the session, our mistress will distract you from the gray routine and help you relax with a professional classic massage. From the toes to the toes, each muscle of your body will be warmed up. You will feel like tiredness and tension no longer bother you. After a classic massage, you will feel lightness, you will find the most interesting and unique. All the warmth of the girl who performs an integral part of this massage will be provided just and only for you. Gentle stroking, breathing, unearthly beauty, a naked body, and this is only the beginning. You can feel all the velvet skin when a girl with her firm breasts gently caresses your body. You will be surprised how flexible a girl can be. You will not be able to resist bliss, your feelings will be the sharpest and unforgettable.


tinaEach of us knows the benefits of massage, but not everyone has come across erotic massage. Since ancient times, people study their body, improve, looking for new ways to get pleasure.
Today, one of such pleasures is erotic massage.. The name “eromassage” speaks for itself. This is the pinnacle of bliss, secret desires embodied in reality, a storm of emotions and pleasure. You are guaranteed to receive all this by ordering the “erotic massage” service in our salon. Our salon will give you a romantic atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and not constrained, with musical accompaniment, the girl will slowly reveal her body in front of you and you can enjoy the refined bends of our beauties. Forgetting the reality, you will plunge into the world of fantasies and understand how versatile the body of a young girl can be …

Double enjoyment

ksyushaThis type of massage is intended for true massage lovers who want to enjoy and relax. The time provided to the program “double pleasure”, which lasts 1.30 hours, will meet all your expectations. If you do not have time to enjoy the massage and feel that you still have the strength for new “feats”, then this is what you need. The basis of this massage is an erotic massage, which implies more caresses, touches, pleasure and, of course, double relaxation.

Two girls

22One is good – and two is better! Don’t say it is so. The advantage of this massage is that every part of your body does not remain deprived of the touches, caresses and warmth of two seductive masseuses. You will be in a pleasant confusion. It will be new and unforgettable.

Massage for girls

devMassage for girls is a challenge of our time. Who can better know the girl’s body, no matter how we are. You know what you want, you can be sure – we also don’t have to say it by ear, our massage therapists feel it and translate it into reality.

Massage for couples

paraMassage for couples is a new spark for continuing a passionate relationship. Only those who trust each other, want new sensations and emotions can afford such leisure. This massage will not only allow you to relax, enjoy, but also please each other and move on to a new stage in your relationship.

VIP massage

vipVIP massage is an erotic massage for the real Sultan, during which you and charming girls enjoy smoking a hookah. By choosing this massage you will not only rest in body and soul, but also feel like a real Sheikh.
Alluring smoke, light twilight, rapid pulse, velvet skin, gentle touches – the mysterious incompleteness of erotic massage always excited the imagination of men, leaving the opportunity for the most candid fantasies. This will cease to be a reality for you and you will find yourself in another dimension, in which you will be, beautiful girls and your secret desires.

Aqua Relax

akvamassazh Aqua foam massage is an unforgettable erotic journey, which is carried out into the water world with one or even two charming masseuse girls. Sexy practically naked women will plunge you into an exciting erotic fantasy.

Express massage

express Express massage is a great way not to distract from everyday chores. For you, we offer 30 min. massage at the end of which you will feel an unprecedented ease. It’s a pity that there is only 24 hours in a day and it’s quite difficult to manage everything and everywhere. But, among a pile of urgent matters, a lot of worries and meetings, it is sometimes necessary to say “stop” and relax for at least half an hour in order to rush into battle again with renewed vigor and fresh thoughts.

Erotic kisses

poceluy The program of erotic kisses in the salon of erotic massage will be a great addition and make you forget about everything in the world. And immerse yourself in the world of passion. Erotic massage for men with kisses is a great opportunity to feel the pleasant touches of the lips of a tender and passionate girl, relax and teach incredible pleasure, ending the session with a sensual and strong orgasm.

Private dance

privat Erotic massage salon for men in Kiev offers an unforgettable private dance. Graceful girls will give you unearthly pleasure, bringing your desires to the limit.

Complex massage

 What is a comprehensive massage??

First of all, it should be noted that during the ero massage each client is given an entire hour. This is a real sea of pleasure, which is achieved with the help of the hands of a sexual masseuse.
Complex erotic massage includes several procedures. In order to organize their client complete relaxation, our masseuses will arrange a pleasant joint pastime in the jacuzzi or in the shower

Aroma massage

aromamassazhe Relax, improve your health and relax your body and soul – this is how aroma massage can be described. Due to the fact that our masseuses ideally possess the technique of performing classic massage, as well as using only natural oils donated by nature itself, one short session can make you feel like you were born again.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage Lingam massage is designed to teach a man to relax, control the release of energy and restore male power – this is how this massage is characterized, the technique of which came to us from the east. So, for example, in Indian tantric treatises, lingam is translated as “pillar of light” and means penis. And, there is a theory that it is through him that all creative and vital energy passes. Such a hypothesis also has a scientific justification, namely that a large number of nerve endings are concentrated in the penis, affecting which the whole organism heals.

Foot fetish

Foot fetish The gentle feet of a masseuse who not only relax your body, but also know exactly all the “secret” points that you should click on to get real pleasure – this is how you can describe the foot fetish.