Complex massage – an avalanche of pleasure for men.

What is a comprehensive massage?
First of all, it should be noted that during the ero massage in Kiev each client is given an entire hour. This is a real sea of pleasure, which is achieved with the help of the hands of a sexual masseuse.

IMG_5977Complex erotic massage includes several procedures. In order to organize their client complete relaxation, our masseuses will arrange a pleasant joint pastime in the jacuzzi or shower. Of course, this does not mean any eroticism, a comprehensive classical erotic massage in Kiev includes: erotic visualization, stimulation of erogenous zones, stimulation of the genitals, as well as sensory touches.

Why is so much attention paid to taking a shower? The thing is that it is water that can cleanse the body and soul of a person from all kinds of negativity and tune it to an erotic mood, preparing directly for an erotic massage.

Joint showering is not an erotic massage yet

After a shower or bath, together with the girl or girls, the client goes to the massage room, in which the sexual atmosphere reigns. Here everything is equipped in such a way as to provide the man with a full concentration on his sexual feelings. After all, this is how ordinary massage transforms into something more, something exciting.

First, the girl will make a classic massage, then smoothly switch to erotic, begin to gently caress the genitals and erogenous zones. This order of actions accumulates sexual energy inside a man, and by the end of the session, he, like a volcano, erupts, scattering in the most pleasant feelings …

In our massage parlor, you can do a comprehensive erotic massage in Kiev around the clock, so that you, at any time convenient for you, can plunge into an avalanche of unforgettable emotions.