Lingam massageLingam massage is designed to teach a man to relax, control the release of energy and restore male power – this is how this massage is characterized, the technique of which came to us from the east. So, for example, in Indian tantric treatises, lingam is translated as “pillar of light” and means penis. And, there is a theory that it is through him that all creative and vital energy passes. Such a hypothesis also has a scientific justification, namely that a large number of nerve endings are concentrated in the penis, affecting which the whole organism heals.

Execution technique

Erotic massage salon in Kiev is not in vain offering its customers this service. Indeed, the main task of our salon is to give the guest not only pleasure, but also to help him relax and restore his vitality as much as possible.

Our Lingam massage in Kiev takes place according to the following scenario:

• A relaxing shower, during which you can wash away all the negativity and relax a little;

Erotic massage for men performed by charming and sexy girls will make every cell of the body relax. Gentle hands of masseuses, with pleasant movements will go through your whole body, starting from the tips of your fingers and ending with your neck. After such a relaxation massage in Kiev, you will definitely forget about everything that bothered you;

• After all your thoughts are focused only on the pleasure you receive, the girl’s strong hands will grasp your penis. Thanks to a special technique and a clear understanding of your desires, the masseuse will give you an unearthly pleasure woven from passion, desires and new, unique sensations;

• Orgasm, bright and stormy – is not the main goal of this type of erotic massage, but you can be sure that you will experience it only when you beg the girl who takes her own steps one step ahead of your desires and does not allow you to finish, so that extend pleasure.

All of this is impressive, isn’t it?

Why you should visit Lingam massage

To experience unearthly pleasure and feel again full of strength and energy all this is facilitated by relaxing massage in Kiev. Our beautiful masseuses, thanks to their perfect mastery of the Lingam technique, will give you a lot of pleasant experiences. And the reason for this is the fact that they perform any type of erotic massage with love, anticipating desires and delivering maximum pleasure.