Erotic massage for couples


It often happens that couples have lost their sensuality a bit, their intimate life has become monotonous, in which case it should be invigorated, given a new wave of emotions, aroused the volcano of passion. This can help erotic massage for couples. It will give new sensations, excite relationships and bring something new to your intimate life.

This type of massage is also suitable for couples who are just starting their joint sexual experience, will help you get to know each other better, reveal the secret desires of your partner and give pleasure in the future!

paraDuring the massage for couples, a man and a woman are in the same room, they not only enjoy themselves, but also contemplate how the other half gets it. The masters will open in you all the innermost erogenous zones, prepare them, awaken the desire and, as soon as you are ready, unite you into a single whole, so that you could enjoy each other. To do this, you can retire to a separate luxurious room where romance and passion reigns, you can surrender to intimacy by splashing out all your sexual desire on the ground that will explode with a crazy firework.

If it doesn’t work out at once, you can choose separate rooms, enjoy a massage in solitude and after that throw out the volcano of passion on your partner. But it’s better to choose a joint massage, where light music, candles surrounding pleasant aromas help to relax, where you get aesthetic pleasure from how the master with light strokes releases the sensuality of your partner, helps him open up for love.

During the massage, under the tender and teasing fingers of our sorceresses, couples open up for new emotions, for love. These touches on the cherished zones of your body will tell you how many-sided your intimate caresses with your soul mate can be.

Having undergone such a massage for couples in our salon in Kiev, you and your beloved will receive a lot of positive emotions and a new experience, which you will certainly want to repeat in your family nest. Vivid feelings will accompany your intimate life for a long time, and if necessary – contact us again!