Erotic massage for women


Erotic massage for women is no less important than for men. Today, ladies give all the best to work and get tired along with the stronger sex, which means they need relaxation just as much.

After a hectic day, the woman will be captivated by the intimate twilight of the Caprice salon. Erotic massage to our customers is done only by experienced and gentle massage therapists. Their sensitive hands – and not only – are capable of raising any female person to the top of ecstasy. Masters perform massage with all parts of their body, and deliver visitors the most exciting and unexpected sensations.

Complete relaxation.

22Erotic massage for ladies is designed to satisfy all the desires of the fairer sex, even the most secret. Coming to us for the first time and ordering a massage for women, our beautiful visitors still do not think about the degree of excitement that they have to achieve.

Massage for ladies is quickly becoming a hotly desired event. After only one visit, the girl will strive to return again to feel the master’s skillful hands in the most erogenous zones, to experience the thrill of great excitement, to reach the peak of pleasure and receive the desired relaxation of body and soul.


Massage for girls in our salon is diverse. Each visitor can choose a massage to taste:

  • Classic massage or royal;
  • Performs one or two girls;
  • Show programs or piquant supplements.

Erotic massage gives ladies not only pleasure here and now, but also benefits. Sensuality is restored, dulled by bustling everyday life, sex drive is aggravated and the general tone is increased. You will notice a change in your personal life, and your loved ones will enjoy your infectious surge of energy.

You only need to sign up for a session in advance, our masters will do the rest. Trust in these gentle and exciting touches, forget about your problems. We guarantee that you will experience all facets of ecstasy – this is our work. And no one loves his work as much as we love her.