Erotic massage is an ancient art that came from the East. It was there that the fact of the existence of erogenous zones was discovered. Then people began to learn to stimulate these zones and combine action into a continuous mesmerizing process. The ancients appreciated the effect of massage – the education of sensuality and, strengthening libido and improving the general mood.

The rules of erotic massage.

  • There should be a relaxation atmosphere in the room, the massage object should be relaxed both by body and soul;
  • Massage should be started at a slow pace, then build it up;
  • The technique of movements should constantly change, otherwise the massage object will simply fall asleep;
  • Massage begins from the tips of the toes and rises higher;
  • The object of massage should be in excitement, which, in no case, cannot subside, only grow;
  • The process should be continuous, even small pauses can negate the whole result;
  • The master, who does the massage should also be in a high and slightly excited mood, because his emotions are transmitted to the client;
  • Conversations even with insignificant semantic load are contraindicated during massage;
  • The only permissible communication is words and sounds expressing feelings, but also in moderation, respecting the sacrament of massage;
  • Imagination of the client will be agitated by constantly changing tactics – sometimes assertive, then gentle.

Erotic massage without rules.

This list has survived to the present day and the rules given in it are considered classic. However, erotic massage always leaves room for improvisation. The most important canon of this art is to give pleasure. If for this you need to surprise, then an experienced master will do so. The main thing is to listen carefully to emotions and tune with the body on the same wavelength.
It should also be remembered that between the master and the client, the object of massage, a spirit of mutual trust is needed, which promotes relaxation and provokes experiments. To create such an atmosphere is the master’s business.